Rules & Staff

Rules For Players
  1. No Griefing, including any of the following actions: (see more details below)
    • Stealing
    • Altering another player's base without permission
    • Trapping players using residence or other plugin permissions
  2. No PVP (except where specifically sanctioned)
  3. No Cheating (e.g. exploiting bugs, x-rays mods, etc.)
  4. Do not use bots to play the game unattended
  5. Respect Player Building Areas - Build at least 500 blocks away
  6. Respect your Fellow Players - Harassment, racism, bigotry, and homophobic language of any kind is prohibited.
  7. Limit in-game entity counts to 250 (to prevent lag from excessive entity counts)
  8. Any and all references or builds referencing Hitler, Nazis or Swastikas
  9. Mic or Text Spamming
  10. Promotion of other Survival Minecraft servers
  11. No malicious URLs and no URL spamming
  12. Inappropriate photos or URL links on the forums

Detailed Rules about Griefing

Look at /map.
  • If it's in a square, it's yours. Griefers are banned and grief is rolled back.
  • If it isn't in a square, don't touch it. Griefers are banned but grief is NOT rolled back..
  • If it isn't in a square and you PUT a square over it, you're free to do whatever to it. Locked doors and chests will be REMOVED upon request though, so you don't get the contents.
  • If it isn't in a square, you put a square over it, and it is RES protected, it stays RES protected and you're not allowed to outright prevent access to it.
Rules For Staff Members

If you have evidence of staff members not acting in accordance with the following rules, please send a private forum or game message to one of the server owners.

  1. Follow All Rules Expected of Players
  2. Not playing in OP or Gamemode 1 except when working on server development and events.
  3. Be a supportive and respectful member of the commmunity
  4. Enforce MisfitMC server rules using the following player resolution approach
    1. Warn The Offender
    2. Kick The Offender
    3. Ban The Offender
  5. Be available in TeamSpeak while playing
  6. Act in a non-bias manner towards player resolution
List of Staff Members

Ireco Founder

Social Media, Economy, Mini Games, Events
Alt: BaconOreos

Iydak Founder

Player Support, Testing, Building, Economy, Events
Alt: Muthep

Lone Founder

Sys Admin, Plugin Coding, Website, Events
Alt: Han

Lore Founder

Third Party Plugins, Content, Mini Games, Events
Alt: Broccolinii

Rogue Founder

Admin Organization, Building, Events
Alt: Whitey

VicKevlar Founder

Mini Games, Plugin Coding, Building, Player Support
Alt: Zanthar

Mdnitoil Admin

Player Support, Building, Events

Stig Admin

Player Support, Building, Events

EliotSeineRoe Mod

Player Support, Moderation

TNTNinjaAC Mod

Player Support, Moderation

WillOfStone Mod

Player Support, Moderation