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  1. I'm thinking I might want to join at some point. If you wouldn't mind adding me, my Xbox gamer tag is basically what you'd expect.
  2. ... She will be very missed. Up until that date listed on the page, I looked forward to talking with her on teamspeak every night. One day she abruptly stopped logging on. ...Now I know why.
  3. Tried producing something discoish. Could be something if I fleshed it out.

    1. Lone


      Interesting..  The middle is pretty great, but the start and end sound choppy to me.

  4. Tonight I was more productive musically than I've been for awhile and as a result produced this rough piece of garbage:

    1. WillOfStone


      Nice. Reminds me of that new tv series, Stranger Things. 

    2. Lone


      Not bad for #61!

  5. Recently listened to an album Will recommended called "Kahuna Dream" by Spirit. (The album is more commonly known as "Future Games.") I've listened to it a few times and I have to say that overall it's an enjoyable experience that I can put into the background when I'm coding or doing something even less useful. However, there was one moment in the track "Stars Are Love" where I found the vocals a tad cringe-worthy. Everywhere else was fine though. Overall the album seems to be more concerned with being an experience than just being a collection of songs. Anyway, here are two tracks from the album.
  6. Because Halloween
  7. I might be having a little too much fun figuring out the bot's features. Imma gunna use this next time someone is rambling on about something boring. (On an unrelated note, someone please ramble about something boring so I can test this.)
  8. Do you like music bots in your voice channels? No? then you'll hate Sanders Viva! In all seriousness, last night Lone and I were testing out a music bot for discord, and we believe he is much better than the version of Sanders that terrorizes teamspeak. Here are reasons why: You can make him play music YOU want, not just what I load on a youtube playlist beforehand. In other words, he takes requests. Other people can vote to skip whatever he is currently playing You may mute him or decrease his volume for you, just like before If you have a playlist on youtube you like, you can give it to him and he'll save it to his list of playlists that he can use. He can be paused and unpaused by people other than me. You can look at his status or type !song to see what song he is currently playing He also has other various useless or annoying features, such as a stopwatch, trivia mode, a slot machine, searching imgur, a magic 8 ball, polling, flipping a coin, searching urban dictionary, playing rock, paper, scissors, and more! As long as I have him online, he may be summoned by users other than myself. Here is a full list of commands for Sanders, in case you need them: ("[p]" in practice will be replaced with "!", "?", or "$", depending on whichever you like best. Also note that some commands may not work. I suspect this list is slightly outdated.) Commands can also be accessed by typing !help into chat. He'll PM them to you. EDIT: Commands to Sanders should be typed directly to him via PM or in the #botcontrol text channel
  9. This little random website is very useful if you want to know about the dangers of Dihydrorgen Monoxide. Seriously, the stuff is no joke. Educate yourself today.
  10. Another music-type thingy, except this one is with blocks! Who doesn't like blocks? Weird block hating people?...I donno (chrome recommended) An example I made in it, try typing on your keyboard with it open:
  11. If there's anything I've learned in life, it's that there's no problem you can't solve with more bees.
  12. Same here. I'm not really interested in the game, and it seems there are a lot of reported issues with it. I would have to look into it more in order to have an informed opinion though.