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  1. is it only Xbox live accounts that can connect?
  2. the windows 10 version seems the same as the regular... Why do you need a game pad?
  3. that sounds pretty cool. Would it actually be like a community thing where we all work on make the realm cool or will we just be doing our own thing? is it expensive to have a realm? realms are limited worlds so that would have to kept in the forefront of our minds.
  4. CORSAIR is da bomb!
  5. what? What? What? Why? Minecraft community is going to take a hit with this. Or people just stick to 1.8 for community support cause I can't see many servers change to even 1.9 anytime soon. ... That Im aware of..... Hmmmm. Still don't understand why so sudden. Anyone else know anything about this?
  6. *waves hand in posh manner* Goddess, you have such fine taste. Too bad those are the ones I love as well. I hope people will sell to you. If you dont get some in the next couple days, I will give you any extras I may have (of those).
  7. UPDATE! Warning: there has been a sighting of Enderbro (aka Henry_Nautilis) in these images. Beware! http://imgur.com/a/gaVsE so. If you look at the earlier pictures and these ones, you will see that the floor has been refinished; the floor lacquer smell is so... deadly, and burns the nose..... The room with Enderbro, mattress and keyboard belongs to Enderbro. The room with the pieces of bed and the black coffin is mine. and since we refinished the floor, everything that has the potential of scratching the floor is getting felt padding stuck to its feet. Still got a lot to move in, but the garage is full, notice in the photos; so, we need to begin unpacking. Lol, We also ran out of boxes so we really need to unpack and take the boxes back to the old house.... Wish us luck, please. Eliot
  8. In game it looks really really good on high quality. Unfortunately, I had to sacrifice actual playing cause my computer still cant handle that. lol. But if one had a good enough rig, it would look super super amazing with no draw backs... Isn't it? I could have made it look a little less gaunt, but the interface was a pain, the lighting was bad and he wouldn't look to his left in the character creation section. Yet, I still love it. LOL. totes know your kidding, the only thing you two have in common is height. (thanks) I only wish this game made more sense so I could enjoy my bad ass enforcer in action.... oh well.
  9. The other day I was like, "oh I have a somewhat better computer than I did before. let me delete some games and try some new ones." So, I decided to try APB Reloaded again. Last time I tried it was a complete and utter no go. Yet, I got it to work this time, only after waiting a half hour watching a weird loading screen and previously couple hours for a patch to down load and install. But as I said, I got it to work. I can say too much about the game... at best, it was confusing. But I didnt start this thread to discuss that. The most fun I had in this game is when I was making my character. so so so so so much fun. But I like things like making characters. So, below you find a link to images of the fruits of my effort. The interface was kinda hard to work with but I think I managed. Check it. :3 http://imgur.com/a/TQ3F2 P.S. Yeah... I need to mention that at least one of the images is kinda.... weird... dont mind it too much. its not that weird, but .... oh... you will see if you click the link.
  10. What is the point of this way of playing?
  11. I was going to talk to a friend on steam, and it says they were away. The weird thing was that they been away for awhile, and I am sure that it should have kicked to snooze by now. So, I went to a mutual friend's profile to check if that was just a friend list bug, and what I saw was confusing. Yeah. I dont know whats going on.... anyone else see something like this, or is it just me? o.o I so hope its not just me.
  12. really? thats going to be so useful. yet, question is can you fight while mining? o.o
  13. o.o I had to show this to yalls. if you like wooden things, mechanical things, and/or musical things, this is totes for you. >_> just hope you can see it. (EDIT: I removed the Facebook version of it and found and replaced it with the Youtube one. Enjoy ^u^)
  14. So ready for tonight! I hope there is a good turn out!