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  1. Cancel away. Now that they've added crossplay and servers to the windows app, it would seem the future lies in that direction.
  2. Nice work on the mesa line.
  3. Yeah, not quite that warm for us but the term "swamp-ass" has been getting thrown around.
  4. So, we cleverly built the terraces a block or two too long. Creating more levels and going higher looks like a lot more work than creating more levels and going lower. Any thoughts?
  5. So, if nobody objects, I think I'm going to add some sticky pistons and a button at the bottom of the terraced farm. Then I would place the suck chests, but....yeah.
  6. Okay, now that's impressive. Must check this out!
  7. The server is currently open and all players can get on it whenever they like.
  8. Very sorry to read this.
  9. So if maps are bugged, how many are hung and are they any good?
  10. If it was in the desert, made out of glass and sandstone, you found it. Sorry I didn't have a cart for you.
  11. Could make a witch grinder. Cheap way to get glowstone if I recall.
  12. Been a while, but I thought the grinding was done around 110 or 11 with mobs spawning at 124ish. Does that ring a bell?
  13. Now open, the eastern rail line to the continent of Mdnitopia (finally)! Come supplied, because there's nothing at the distant end except a safe house.
  14. Cripes...saw all the ores in the chests, so Stig has obviously been on the server!
  15. Well, saw that one coming from a mile away!