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  1. It is just a time waster
  2. Um, yea, there is that. Just take the south rail line.
  3. After many, many picks, there is now a direct line to the mesa!

    No more mucking about in the nether.

  4. Go for it.
  5. Using the nether, to cover as much ground as possible, I found a Mesa about 9000 blocks out. There is a rail line to the portal in the nether to access that location. Yea Me!
  6. Behind the map room is a brewing stand and a beginning assortment of brewing items. Found the witch hut and am working on a rail line. Also found another nether fort, I didn't explore this one at all.
  7. Found a nether fort, just follow the torches, didn't completely loot the place. Partially walled off 2 blaze spawners.
  8. Working on a road to it. I will keep you posted. BTW taking most of the gravel, don't be sad.
  9. Found a Witch hut, village, horses and donkey's, if you are interested.
  10. Two things,.. Do we want an anvil and Found a skeleton spawner 1500 'ish blocks out on the south tunnel. errr,,,,,, Three things, Should i build a rail line out there?
  11. Please add Stigasauris
  12. Friday night, lets kill us some robots.

    What say you?



    1. mdnitoil


      Probably in, depending on time.  Got a funeral that afternoon and I probably won't be able to commit to anything before 8 EST.

    2. Lone


      Same..  I'm usually after 9 PM.

  13. I know. .......
  14. I much prefer this view to the one of the meeting that I am going to miss.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. WillOfStone


      Where are the bikinis?  What good is a beach without bikinis? :)

    3. mdnitoil


      Says the guy who posted a pile of vacation pics with no people in them.

    4. WillOfStone


      There were 44,000 people in that stadium.  ;) But yeah, I went on vacation to get away from people.