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  1. OK, I cancelled it. I did export the world first, in case anyone wants it. Let me know!
  2. Anyone mind if I cancel this subscription? Still paying it myself.. Anyone still playing on it?
  3. Whoa, are you still playing on the realm? Didn't know anyone was! Was gonna cancel it...hah!
  4. @BubblesAndSuch It's a server plugin that feeds the data to firebase as it happens. Hope this helps!
  5. Hey, thanks for checking in
  6. Hah! Reminds me of summer swimming in Northern Ontario
  7. Ooo, good idea! Anxious to see it!
  8. Sorry, the server was not accessible, but it should be OK now. Did you have an idea for what to build?
  9. Yeah, no, the redstone is bugged. Right when you log in you can see a bit of water flow for a sec and it messes up the crops. Gonna have to think this one through.
  10. Something was busted with the redstone on the autofarm... I think the normally-powered nature doesn't get set properly when the chunks load or something.. So I switched it to normally-off to see if it makes a difference.
  11. The server should still be up on login.misfitmc.com, still running 1.8.
  12. @AtylaUro Sure, jusjust PM me your xbox gamer tag so I can invte you.
  13. That's a bummer. Very unique person. She had so many weird and unique experiences that I thought she was full of...bananas. Then there was a player on Survivor that reminded me a lot of her -- been lots of places, held lots of weird jobs, etc -- and it made me realize I just wasn't open to it. So thanks to her for that, and for all the fun gaming sessions.
  14. So maps are only bugged if you zoom them out by adding more paper to a map, and you try to use that zoomed out map outside of the area covered by one fully-zoomed out map around spawn. So two things still work: Zoomed out maps covering spawn Non-zoomed maps anywhere And since you can mount maps flush in item frames, you can make a bunch of #2s and mount them to make a big 3x3 map grid! (Which we should totally do for all of the rail termini, until #1 can be done everywhere!)
  15. Made a 'basement' tunnel leading out to the water/dock for quick exit or re-entry by boat. Also made a basement map room with some hung maps. Both down by the furnaces. @Eliot Seine Roe did some work automating the furnaces. Two for quick jobs and two for bulk jobs.