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  2. Hey. I was wondering what the plan was with the server. I don't mind if you shut it down, I'd just like to take some screenshots of my builds first.
  3. It just isn't Halloween without a Misfit candy hunt. :sad:

  4. OK, I cancelled it. I did export the world first, in case anyone wants it. Let me know!
  5. Cancel away. Now that they've added crossplay and servers to the windows app, it would seem the future lies in that direction.
  6. Anyone mind if I cancel this subscription? Still paying it myself.. Anyone still playing on it?
  7. Hey guys I haven't played on the server in a long time. Where is the server ip ? the url doesn't work ?


    1. WillOfStone


      It's supposed to be, but I can't connect, so it's probably down.

  8. Hey. I was wanting to go out to the Amusement park build, but the warp signs don't seem to work.
  9. Server offline?

    1. Lone
    2. WillOfStone


      Strange. If the version isn't dead on, it's showing a "cannot connect to server" in the launcher instead of showing the version mismatch like it normally does.  This may be confusing people, like Atyla who I just talked to.  She thought it was offline too.  We're wanting to rename the race track after LadyBastet.  She built the stables and I think she would like that. 

      BTW, If there's somewhere on the website that shows the server version, I can't find it. 

  10. Nice work on the mesa line.
  11. It is just a time waster
  12. Whoa, are you still playing on the realm? Didn't know anyone was! Was gonna cancel it...hah!
  13. Um, yea, there is that. Just take the south rail line.
  14. After many, many picks, there is now a direct line to the mesa!

    No more mucking about in the nether.

  15. @BubblesAndSuch It's a server plugin that feeds the data to firebase as it happens. Hope this helps!
  16. Hey, thanks for checking in
  17. Hey there, I know its been a few years, but I was wondering if you could share how you got the pebble app working, like the firebaseio part that grabs the chat. I'm getting into developing for the pebble (even despite the closing of the company.) and want to recreate the app for anyone to use on their own servers.
  18. Hey everyone. Hope you are all doing okay. I've been dealing with a bunch of health and other issues, so haven't been around the net much. Also, my Steam acct got messed up and I lost all my contacts, friends, PM's etc. If you would like to add me back to your friends list, it's still Willofstone. I've been playing some Empyrion GS lately on a server I'm renting. Still in Alpha, but they've added a lot of content, including NPC's. If you would like to play on the server, contact me on Steam.
  19. Anybody home? :logo:

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    2. Howard Viva

      Howard Viva

      *I hop on here occasionally

    3. WillOfStone


      Yeah.  Understandable.  Life goes on, as they say.  I've been a member of many communities over the years, but this one was different. 

      Lady Z and I have been playing Empyrion and using the SteamVoice app to chat.  Feel free to join us if you like. 

      Take care and enjoy your Summer.  :)



    4. Lone


      @Howard Viva I doubt anyone is shocked..  I spend most nights in @Eliot Seine Roe's KKK! She's the real pope now.

  20. Hah! Reminds me of summer swimming in Northern Ontario
  21. well, the water was still painfully cold, but after your legs went numb it wasn't to bad
  22. Yeah, not quite that warm for us but the term "swamp-ass" has been getting thrown around.
  23. Underneath my pile of tree length wood that we are still cutting up there is still snow(covered by about 6 inches of sawdust, but ya know.. its there) and it has been raining I swear for a month straight, but today, today we finally found summer! this was while that window was still in the shade. a little while later it was getting hit buy the sun.. so we went to the pond to go "swimming" twice today, glad its only a mile down the road from our house!
  24. So, we cleverly built the terraces a block or two too long. Creating more levels and going higher looks like a lot more work than creating more levels and going lower. Any thoughts?
  25. Problem solved on my part :D

    just wrong launcher used. :P

  26. Send help I don't know ip adress

    1. Lone

      Lone, on Minecraft 1.8

      We also have a realm on Windows 10 Edition/Pocket Edition, if you're interested.

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