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  2. Hey. I was wondering what the plan was with the server. I don't mind if you shut it down, I'd just like to take some screenshots of my builds first.
  3. It just isn't Halloween without a Misfit candy hunt. :sad:

  4. OK, I cancelled it. I did export the world first, in case anyone wants it. Let me know!
  5. Cancel away. Now that they've added crossplay and servers to the windows app, it would seem the future lies in that direction.
  6. Anyone mind if I cancel this subscription? Still paying it myself.. Anyone still playing on it?
  7. Hey guys I haven't played on the server in a long time. Where is the server ip ? the url doesn't work ?


    1. WillOfStone


      It's supposed to be, but I can't connect, so it's probably down.

  8. Hey. I was wanting to go out to the Amusement park build, but the warp signs don't seem to work.
  9. Is anyone interested in having a MC Realm we can play in together in on Minecraft Pocket Edition / Windows 10? It might be fun to build up a little survival world collectively! I like the idea of being able to hop on and play a bit on the phone too..
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