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Version 1.0-Beta available



This will be the final testing version before release.  The final mods have been added, including RPG Race Mod-Fantasy Races, Chisel, ExtraBlocks, ExtendedBackpacks and Simple Barrels.  Anything I add from this point on will be on the server side.  I now have a block logging program, world backups, and a group/command gui. 

The client side crash from breaking TinkersConstruct blocks has been fixed.  Tested it on the server this morning. :)  

The server is now running this version and you will need to update to the new instance.   Available here - https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/beautifulworld/files/2322131

This should be the last time we have to manually import an instance. :D  Once approved by Curse, it should be available by browsing the packs in the launcher. 

When you rejoin the server, you will need to use the RPG book to choose a race before it will let you move.  Elf, Dwarf, Orc or Human. 

Also, if you want to save your current Journeymap map and waypoints, just copy the folder from the current instance to the new one.  Simple.

Any ideas or suggestions, let me know.

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