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BeautifulWorld update



It's been a trying week with this project.  I'm on my 3rd server host and I probably will leave them when the month runs out.  Why is it that everything that has to do with Minecraft is so half-assed?

Is it because they are incompetent, or is it because the clients are mostly kids and they don't know they're getting shitty services? 

I added an RPG Race mod, but had to temporarily remove it because it was crashing the client.  I'll talk with the dev and see what's what.

I'll be sending the new IP to those who are playing on the test server.  The new one is up and running.  Looks like nothing was lost in the world save. :)

If you get any mod rejections when connecting, just update the affected mods in your instance.  I'll put an updated folder in the Dropbox also.

sigh :derp:




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