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Information and updates about the mod packs I'm creating.

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I've migrated the project over to a forum, where I can post info and whitelist applicants.  The pack itself is available on the Curse launcher now.  Look for it under "3rd party packs". 

If interested, PM me for the URL of the forum. 




This will be the final testing version before release.  The final mods have been added, including RPG Race Mod-Fantasy Races, Chisel, ExtraBlocks, ExtendedBackpacks and Simple Barrels.  Anything I add from this point on will be on the server side.  I now have a block logging program, world backups, and a group/command gui. 

The client side crash from breaking TinkersConstruct blocks has been fixed.  Tested it on the server this morning. :)  

The server is now running this version and you will need to update to the new instance.   Available here - https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/beautifulworld/files/2322131

This should be the last time we have to manually import an instance. :D  Once approved by Curse, it should be available by browsing the packs in the launcher. 

When you rejoin the server, you will need to use the RPG book to choose a race before it will let you move.  Elf, Dwarf, Orc or Human. 

Also, if you want to save your current Journeymap map and waypoints, just copy the folder from the current instance to the new one.  Simple.

Any ideas or suggestions, let me know.


I've temporarily added Tesla API mod to fix a crash when placing TechReborn power cables.  I may remove this when TechReborn fixes the issue.  If you are playing on the server, just add it to your instance in the launcher for now.  I'll have an updated pack later this week.  Some mods I've been waiting for to update to 1.10 are finally ready, so I will be moving to a release version once I'm sure there are no major errors.  I'll be adding Chisel, ExtraBlocks, Simple Barrels, Expandable Backpacks and the RPG Race mod.  This mod allows you to play as either an Elf, Dwarf, Orc or Human. 

Thanks to Zuty, Howard and Nova for play testing.  I really appreciate it. 


Switched to Creeper Host, at least for a while.  Increased the server RAM to 5GB, and have the option of running multiple games from it now, including Factorio. :)

Updated the mod pack to v1.00.02 Alpha.   For some reason, the old instances in the Curse launcher were not working properly.  Probably because of the Forge update.  Deleting and reinstalling a new instance of the pack using the Import file from the Curse project site seems to work just fine. 

Let me know if there are any issues. 


It's been a trying week with this project.  I'm on my 3rd server host and I probably will leave them when the month runs out.  Why is it that everything that has to do with Minecraft is so half-assed?

Is it because they are incompetent, or is it because the clients are mostly kids and they don't know they're getting shitty services? 

I added an RPG Race mod, but had to temporarily remove it because it was crashing the client.  I'll talk with the dev and see what's what.

I'll be sending the new IP to those who are playing on the test server.  The new one is up and running.  Looks like nothing was lost in the world save. :)

If you get any mod rejections when connecting, just update the affected mods in your instance.  I'll put an updated folder in the Dropbox also.

sigh :derp:





BeautifulWorld 1.10.2 modpack is now available on Curse.  Project page -  http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/beautifulworld

You can use the Curse client or manually install the mods from this file.   - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wurs8uajwwg1xg0/AADH7XrZ8FuX5_BJt70iYvmxa?dl=0

To install using the Curse client, download the zip file from the project page.  Open the Curse client, choose new profile, click on Import a previously exported file.  Select the zip file you just downloaded.  This will create a new instance and install all mods.  Click on the instance to play.

To install using DropBox,  download the folder, then copy the contents to your mods folder.  Make sure the mods folder is empty first.  Then install the latest 1.10.2 version of Forge.  - http://files.minecraftforge.net/

This will create a forge profile in your minecraft launcher.  Use this profile to launch the game. 


I have a server set up for testing the pack.  If you would like to play on it, PM me for the IP.

Edit: Replaced Megaupload link with DropBox.


I've decided to create my own mod packs, since there are so many great mods out there that are ignored by most pack makers.  Plus there are a lot of mod already updated to 1.10.2, but no one is making packs for them.   These will be Work In Progress packs.  The mod list may change and the world may be reset often.  Depending on how many issues I find. 

I have a small server set up to play test it.  It should handle 6-8 people okay.  If anyone would like to try one of them out, just PM me. 

Brave New World is a mod pack for 1.10.2, and I'm currently running it on the server. 

Mods list:

Agricultural Expansion
Base Metals
Ebon Arts
Ender Zoo
Extra Blocks
Food Expansion
Infernal Mobs
Recall Stones
Roguelike Dungeons
Storage Drawers
Tinkers Construct


Beautiful World is a mod pack for 1.8.9, and is made up of mods I really like, but haven't been updated to be eligible for the 1.10 pack. 

Adobe Blocks 2
BetterFPS (Optional but recommended)
Doomlike Dungeons
Power Advantage (Electric and Steam addons)
Howling Moon
Immersive Engineering
Lanterns and Flashlights
Lootable Bodies
Minecraft Comes Alive
MrCrayfishs Furniture mod
Nomadic Tents
Optifine (Optional but recommended)
Storage Drawers
Wonderful Wands