The End Accessing the End and Dragon Slayer Rewards

The End serves as the final frontier for MisfitMC. With strongholds inaccessible, the only way to reach the End consists of obtaining 12 End Portal Frames, which can be found in Supply Crates, Lost World chests, as a drop from the Wither, and are craftable. To simplify the process of meeting with friends to go to the End, chamber rooms are available for your use - warp available in the Hub.

Below are a few considerations in preparation for your visit:

  • Ender Chests are enabled in the End
  • Once you enter the End, the only way out is to die or kill the Ender Dragon.
  • When mined, End Stone turns to cobblestone
  • Enderman do not drop ender pearls
  • The End is reset each day upon server reset - be sure to take the Dragon Egg before you leave

Rewards for slaying the Ender Dragon:

  • Server-wide message proclaiming your slaying
  • Your name displayed at the Ender Dragon slayer statue
  • A 30x30 plot of land of your choosing within the City (limit 1 per player)

As we do not want to trivialize slaying of the Ender Dragon, End Portal Frames used are removed permanently.