Server Settings Some basic configuration information

In general, we believe you should be free to build what you want, how you want. However, to support a working economy and low lag environment, certain settings have been changed at MisfitMC from vanilla. Below is a nearly comprehensive listing of these changes:

  • Monsters do not drop experience or items if killed by the environmental (i.e. falling, pistons, drowning).
  • Monsters do not drop experience or items above elevation 150.
  • Monster spawning is limited to a set number per chunk per unit of time. As a result, traditional mob grinders will not work here.
  • Iron Golems do not drop iron.
  • Zombie Pigmen do not drop gold nuggets.
  • Wither Skeletons do not drop wither heads.
  • Villagers will not trade with players.
  • Individual nether portals are turned off.
  • PVP is turned off in all current worlds.
  • Strongholders are not accessible. The only means to access the End is via collecting End Portals.

TeamSpeak 3 Settings Basic configuration information

  • Server requires push to talk to be enabled
  • VIPs are provided their own personal channel upon request