Misfit Supply Crates

Misfit Supply Crates are one of the most unique and interesting parts of the MisfitMC server. Every 1 to 2 hours, the server will reward you for playing by placing a Crate in your inventory.

Each crate is identified by its series number and contains a different set of possible items to obtain when unlocked. Not all crates were created equal and some will become more valuable due to their contents and rarity. Below is a list of all current crates:

Series # Name "Theme" Rarity Example Items
1 Miner Common All Ores
2 Lumberjack Common Logs and more Logs
3 Engineer Uncommon Pistons, Hoppers
4 Nether Explorer Rare Glowstone, Beacon
5 Noah's Ark Uncommon Cow Egg, Horse Egg
6 Entertainer Uncommon Fireworks, Casino Coins
7 Flowers Uncommon Flowers of all Kinds
8 End Game Extremely Rare End Portal, Giant Diamond
9 Misfit Mining Common Misshaped Diamond Ore, Misfit Mining Co Pickaxe
10 Water Explorer Rare Prismarine, Sea Lantern
11 Clay Common Clay, Stained Clay
12 Music Rare Records
13 Librarian Rare Enchanted Books
14 Halloween Halloween Event Only Candied Apple, Skeleton Head
15 Minigame Minigame Reward Only Torch Bow, Item Frames
16 Repair Rare Brick Blocks, Ender Pearls, Endstone
18 1.8 Update Limited Edition - Now Retired Banners, Slime Blocks, Rabbit Foot

Each Crate has a small chance to contain a Nether Star. There is also one rare unique item per Crate. A complete listing of the items available by using the command /contents with a Crate in your hand.

Crates are opened using Misfit Supply Crate Keys, which looks like a Blaze Rod. With a Key in your inventory, right click anywhere with the Crate in your hand

Misfit Supply Crate Keys can be obtained via the following:

  1. As a rare reward for playing minigames
  2. As a drop from Zombie Pigman and Blazes in the Lost World
  3. From breaking certain blocks if the Playing for Keys server buff is active
  4. As a participation reward for server Events
  5. As a random server drop
  6. Buy from your fellow players