Misfit Mining Co Misshaped Geology

The Misfit Mining Company is an independent venture located on the MisfitMC server. Their mission is to secure the world’s supply of Misshaped Stone and Ores. To do this, they employ the citizens of Misfit Minecraft to dig deep underground to find these gems. Here is their advertisement:

Looking for financial employment? We are the top employer in Misfit Minecraft and are looking for diggers, tunnels, miners, block breakers…and well pretty much anyone that can swing a pickaxe. Pick up a pickaxe and start digging for cash today!

To gain employment, simple go to the Misfit Store and purchase a Misfit Mining Co Pickaxe. This pickaxe searches for misshaped stone or ores. When found a Misshaped stone or ore of that type will drop. The downside is no material or experience will be generated from stones and ores.

*Note that this pickaxe cannot be repaired or modified by any means.

List of Misshaped Stone and Ores with current Misfit Mining Co. purchase price:

  • Stone - $50
  • Coal Ore - $100
  • Redstone Ore - $125
  • Nether Quartz Ore - $150
  • Iron Ore - $200
  • Lapis Lazuli Ore $300
  • Gold Ore $500
  • Diamond Ore - $1000
  • Emerald Ore - $1500

Additionally, Nether Stars are known to occasionally drop from Stone, Coal Ore and Redstone Ores using this high end pickaxe.

Once you’ve collected a good amount of Misshaped Stone and Ores, head back to the Misfit Store in the City and sell them to the Misfit Mining Company display. While you’re at it, pick up another Misfit Mining Co. Pickaxe for even more profit!

Good Luck!