The Lost World Guide Learn to navigate the wild and reap the rewards!



The Basics

Treasure Chests the Lost World, you are provided with free gear including full diamond armor set, a sword, bow, pickaxe, 32 arrows, 32 steak, and 2 emeralds. Free gear is available every 5 minutes by clicking on the Emerald Block (see below). The free gear will disappear upon leaving the Lost World.

Note: Potions, additional food and better gear can be helpful to improve your survival chances.

Lost World Settings

  • The world resets every day when the server reboots at 3 AM ET
  • Physics have been altered:
    • grass, dirt, and cobblestone act like sand
    • 'pillaring' - the act of building straight up is disabled
  • Stone is extra hard: diamond pickaxes can only break 250, iron pickaxes 50, and stone pickaxes 20
  • Stone and ores drop nothing when broken
  • Monster spawning is significantly increased
  • Torches cannot be placed below a height of 50
  • TNT explosions are super charged underground
  • You will ignite if you try to put out a fire with your hand - ouch!
  • There is no daylight or weather

Monster Abilities and Drops


Abilities: Increased speed
Drops: Emerald, Zombie Head (rare)


Abilities: More fireballs
Drops: Drops: Glowstone dust, Supply Crate Key (33%)
Spawn Area: Desert + near lava


Abilities: Knckback, Blindness, Fire Arrows, Silverfish
Drops: Emerald, Skeleton Head (rare)


Abilities: Warp Players
Drops: End Stone (15%), Ender Pearls


Abilities: Larger explosion, drops TNT upon death underground
Drops: Emerald, Creeper Head (rare)

Zombie Pigman

Abilities: Aggressive + strength
Drops: Gold, Supply Crate Key (33%), Pig Spawner (rare)
Spawn Area: Mega Taiga

Charged Creeper

Abilities: Explodes when speed
Drops: Emerald, Zombie Head (rare)


Abilities: More powerful fireballs
Drops: Gold, End Stone (10%), Quarter Blocks
Spawn Area: Extreme Hills


Abilities: Places cobwebs on ground upon death
Drops: Gives slayer regeneration for a short time


Abilities: High HP + Strength
Drops: Diamonds, Giant Diamonds (33%)
Spawn Area: Ice Spikes

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests spawn in the Lost World approximately every hour and there will always be at least 1 active. Chests expire one hour after spawning. This message is displayed when a Chest spawns:

Treasure Chest Finding 101

  • Chests always spawn underground
  • Emeralds will be your guide
    • Click an emerald against the ground and a message will be sent to only you saying how far away the Chest is
    • Provided directions are horizontal only - if you are 0 blocks away, then the Chest is directly beneath you
    • Note: there is a 50% chance an emerald will be consumed on each click - stock up!

There are 5 rarity levels that determine the amount and type of loot in each Chest

  • Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary, and Epic
  • Loot may include: Ores, Gold, Enchanted Apples, End Portal Frame, Dur3/Eff7 Pickaxe, XP bottles, Nether Star, and in very rare cases a Beacon

Sanctuaries and the Wither

There are four sanctuaries located in the Lost World. Each is located between 1200 and 1700 blocks from spawn in each diagonal direction (i.e. SW, SE, NW, NE)

The Ice Dome
The Everliving Tree
Hidden Treasures Available
The Ancient Huts

Power of the Sanctuaries

  • No monsters can spawn within their boundaries
  • Within each Sanctuary is a warp lever that can send you to room that connects each Sanctuary. You can travel to any Sanctuary that has been activated that day.
  • When all 4 Sanctuaries are activated, the door to the Wither opens
    • The Wither is a BOSS fight - Bring extra supplies and potions - you have been warned!
    • The Wither can drop many items including Gold, End Stone, XP bottles, Nether Stars, End Portal Frames and even a Beacon

Unique Lost World Items

There are two unique drops to the Lost World

  • End Stone from Ghasts, Enderman and the Wither
  • Giant Diamonds from Giants

These two drops are used to craft Lost World gear including the following:

Additional gear will be made available during future Episodes of the Amazing Race series

End Stone is also used to repair all Lost World gear and server event prizes such as Efficiency 7 Pickaxes


Are you a statistic junkie? Do you enjoy competition? Just like collecting items in peace?

Many aspects of the Lost World are tracked for your added enjoyment

- tracks all uncommon monster kills and treasure chest finds. Points are awarded for each action with the top 3 Hunters rewarded with the [LW] rank

- tracks all monster eggs collected via the Lost World Soulcatcher