Craftbook Minecart Modifications

The following Craftbook Minecraft modifications are enabled on MisfitMC to allow minecarts to perform special functions.

For more information see this link: Craftbook: Minecart

  • Speed Modifier Blocks
    • Boosters
      • Boosters increase the speed of minecarts that pass over them. They activate when the minecart enters the track above the booster block. There are two usable boosters:
        • Gold ore 25% boost (125% resulting speed)
        • Gold block maximum speed boost
    • Brakes
      • Brakes decrease the speed of minecarts the pass over them. They activate when the minecart enters the track above the brake block. There are two usable brakes:
        • Soul Sand 50% slow down (50% resulting speed)
        • Gravel 20% slow down (80% resulting speed)
  • Dispensers
    • Minecart dispensers collect minecarts when minecarts approach them and dispense them when activated by redstone. Although an emerald block can be used, the default block is emerald ore.
    • You can specify if it only collects or dispenses by making the bottom line of the sign "collect" or "dispense". And you can set the 1st line to the minecart type, so it knows what type to dispense. "Storage", "Powered", "Minecart"
      • Collection: When a minecart is about to hit a chest connected to tracks, the minecart will be destroyed and deposited in the chest. If there is no room left in the chest, the minecart will not be removed. Minecarts will be stacked in the chest like any other item up to stacks of 64 items. If a rider is still in the cart when it is collected, they will fall through the block below the track (but not any subsequent blocks).
      • Dispensing: A directed redstone current can cause the dispenser to dispense a minecart. For this to work, a sign post must be placed two blocks below the chest facing away from the track that you want the minecart to be dispensed upon. It can only be dispensed on tracks. The second line of the sign post must be [Dispenser].
      • Configuration:
        minecart-dispensers true/false true Allow the use of minecart dispensers.
        dispenser-block: Block ID 129 Set ID of Dispenser Block.
  • Ejectors
    • Ejectors will kick the player out of a minecart when the minecart passes over the ejector control block. By default, ejectors are made out of iron ore blocks. Players will be ejected to the same position as the ejector control block, but you can change this behavior by putting a specially crafted sign post 2 or 3 blocks under the track piece. This sign post must have [Eject] on the second line and face away from the direction that you want the player to be ejected to. Players are only ejected one block away and diagonal directions are supported.
  • Elevators
    • Minecart Elevators allow you to teleport minecarts between floors easily (vertically). Signs must be created in the same location but above or below in order to link floors to each other.
    • To create a minecart elevator you need to place sign Wall sign icon.png below lift-block (Nether brick by default) with rails on it. You have to create two such constructions so that signs are below or above each other. However, there are three different types of signs that determine how minecart elevator behaves.

      • Using [CartLift Up] on the second line of a sign allows minecarts to teleport toward any other [CartLift Down] or [CartLift] sign that is above.
      • Using [CartLift Down] on the second line of on a sign allows minecarts to teleport downwards toward any other [CartLift Up] or [CartLift] sign.
      • Sign with [CartLift] on the second line is a target one and minecarts won't be teleported anywhere from this sign. Using it allows minecarts to be teleported there from a [CartLift Up] placed beneath or [CartLift Down] placed above it.
  • Message Emitters
    • A message emitter will print a message to a player's chat when s/he passes over the emitter block. Use it to print sequences of messages (by placing emitters after each other):
      • You are entering
      • a world of madness...
      • the world of Minecraft
    • Put a sign post one block under minecart tracks facing any direction and have the first line contain [Print]. The next three lines are the text to print. You will have to put spaces at the ends of lines if you don't want sentences spanning several lines running into each other.
  • Reversers
    • The reverse block changes the direction of the minecart so that it goes the other way, keeping its original momentum. It is made from cloth. You can, for example, put reverse blocks on two sides of a track to have minecarts alternate directions between the two blocks. Redstone can be used to toggle the function of control block.
    • Directed Reverses (Minecart Diodes) If you want to force minecarts to go only in one direction, you can use the direct reverse variation of the reverse control block. Minecarts that enter going the wrong way will be turned around but minecarts that enter going the right way will not be affected. A direct reverse control block is made out of cloth as well (or whatever the configured block type is) with the addition of a sign post under the block. This sign post must have [Reverse] on the second line, face away from the direction that you want the minecart to go in (this means: Look the way you want carts to go and place the sign), and can be either two or three blocks below the track block. Diagonally-placed signs will not work.
  • Sorters
    • Sorters allow the sorting of minecarts based on criteria matched against the minecart. Sort blocks are always one block before the intersection, which means that you can have different sorters based on the way that minecarts enter an intersection. By default, minecart sorter blocks are created with a netherrack block and a [Sort] sign 1-2 blocks below the netherrack block.
    • For the [Sort] sign, the second line must be [Sort]. The third line is the criteria to switch to the left branch and the fourth line is the criteria to switch to the right branch. If no match is made, the track turns into a straight-through track. Sorters do not work with sloped tracks, instead replacing them with straight flat tracks. While an intersection can have multiple incoming sorters, if two or more minecarts enter at the same time, there will be track direction contention.
    • DescriptionSyntaxUsage
      Match all All Matches all minecarts.
      If unoccupied Empty or Unoccupied Matches minecarts that have no occupant. Mobs are considered occupants.
      If occupied Full or Occupied Matches minecarts with an occupant. Mobs are considered occupants.
      If occupied by player Player or Ply Matches minecarts that have a player occupant.
      If occupied by mob Mob Matches minecarts that have a mob occupant.
      If occupied by an animal Animal Matches minecarts that have an animal occupant.
      If regular minecart Minecart Matches regular minecarts.
      If storage minecart Storage Matches storage minecarts.
      If powered minecart Powered Matches powered minecarts.
      Stop #stop-name Use the /st command in chat in order to select a stop name. Don't put # in front of the stop name when you use the /st command.
      Is holding Held:item-id Checks to see if the player in the minecart is holding a certain item (specified by its numeric ID). This can be used as a required key for entry.
      Contains Ctns:item-id Checks to see if a storage minecart contains a certain item (specified by its numeric ID).
      In group Group:group-name Checks to see if the player in the minecart is in a particular hMod group.
      Is player Ply:player-name Checks to see if the player in the minecart is a certain player. Users with long names cannot be specified yet.
      Is mob Mob:mob-name Checks to see if the minecart is occupied by a certain mob type.
    • For backwards compatibility with hMod, Unoccupied (no passenger) is tested before the cart type. As a storage or powered minecart can't have passengers, using 'Empty' and 'Storage' for the same sort will not work as probably intended: the storage cart will follow the Empty path. To solve this problem, use 'Storage' and 'Occupied'.
  • Stations
    • Stations allow the stopping and launching of minecarts. When stations are unpowered by redstone, minecarts that pass over them will perform a dead stop. When a redstone input (it must be directed) goes high, the minecart will launch in the direction of a sign post placed 2 or 3 blocks below the track block piece. This sign must have [Station] on the second line and face away from the direction that you want the minecart to be pushed towards. It is not possible to have multiple minecarts over one single station block. By default, stations are created with obsidian.